Anonymous: Yeh that was my qquestion yesterday. I'm too scared to come off anonymous though lol i dont want you to look at my blog because its lame. But without being obvious about what the actual question was do you think it's a correct assumption? and if yes then why do you do it?

Whaaaat. Thats silly. i’m sure its not lame. Haha yes yes it’s correct. And i guess it makes it easier? thats probably why. It shouldn’t matter that much. But then again it depends on what your relationship is with the person. But it’s complicated. I don’t really think about it much i just do it and don’t think to analyse it because it just seems like the only option ahaha which is probs bad. Come off anon i wont judge you pls relax


Big Sur Stargate by Matt Walker



i hate this
Anonymous: You never answered my question :[

haha if you’re the person who asked a question yesterday i’m sorry. I can’t answer that publicly because certain people follow me on here and i don’t want them to know about such things. Hahaha, but yeah just message me off anon and i’ll probs tell you. If the message wasn’t from yesterday then idk man, i didnt get it.



Charging the cat

The eyes are green. It’s charged. Please unplug your cat.